Food market, Funchal Madeira 2013

Greetings from Madeira! We have just arrived at Funchal. Here is the picture from food market near old town. Wonderful place! More information about local restaurants coming soon.

Restaurant Java Bar & Bistro, Helsinki Finland 2013

What a lazy Sunday! Week was so busy that we wanted to relax on Sunday and not to cook at home. We went to Helsinki city central to see if there would be some nice restaurant where we haven’t visited before. We walked around for a while and finally we ended up to a restaurant […]

Happy Easter!

Easter dinner at home. Lamb with roasted carrots and fresh salad with herbs. Tzatziki on the side. Served with Gerard Bertrand B.Bon Cabernet-Merlot red wine. We wish you a Happy Easter!

Restaurant Vapiano, Helsinki Finland 2013

Saturday lunch at Vapiano in Mikonkatu 15. It is well known chain around the world and opened the restaurant in Helsinki couple of years ago. Our first visit to Vapiano was in Tallinn, Estonia few year´s back. We liked it right away:) Vapiano’s concept is interesting.  When you enter a restaurant you get a card […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is the last day of Dragon’s year. Tomorrow begins the year of Snake according to Chinese calendar. We got inspiration to celebrate it by visiting in the Asian market at Helsinki and having NewYear’s dinner at home. Dumplings, beef wok and of course fortune cookies! Happy Chinese New Year!