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About us

We are a couple in mid-thirties from Finland. We love to travel and we love good food. It is great combination and it has given us many great memories during past ten years. We don’t have any professional backround regarding to restaurants so our opinions are purely based on feeling and common sense. We decided to create this blog as our common hobby and also to help other people to find restaurants when travelling around. Because we have only a certain amount of holiday days per year we are not able to report from abroad as often as we would like : ) That’s why this blog mostly focuses on Finland. However when we have been abroad, at many new places we have been wondering what would be a good restaurant and usually we have made decision just by reading a menu outside of restaurant. Sometimes decisions have been successful and sometimes disasters. At once we ended up to a restaurant in Shangahi where nobody spoke english and we had to choose just something from chinese menu. At this point you can guess was the story successful  or disaster : ) I wonder why we didn’t check any food blog from internet and didn’t make our restaurant selection based on that.  This blog won’t be just about restaurants. If we find a nice food market or street kitchen we may report also about that. It is so easy to forget places so documenting things makes life more easier. We hope you enjoy reading our blog!


Photos copyright KSfood


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