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Restaurant Noodle House, Doha Qatar 2013

KSfood is a blog created by K&S. Usually we enjoy the restaurants together but this time only S was on the road.
In Doha there are many restaurants to choose from with anything between low-budget restaurants to fine dining places. Unfortunately business trip to Doha didn’t give much time to find experiences of real arabian cuisine. However I want to introduce a nice chain restaurant in Doha City Centre Mall. The Noodle House. This might be useful for a people who are staying at hotel in Doha City Center as well and want to find a nice and easy restaurant for a dinner.

LogoNoodle House has a a special concept. When you enter into a restaurant you get an iPad where you can see pictures of all the dishes. ( I have to say that all the pictures looked so good that I had difficulties to select only one of them.) Once you have chosen your favourite you mark it into a list which you give to a waiter.

DSC09141   Menu

Atmosphere in the restaurant was nice and relaxed. They had some tables inside but also an outside terrace in front of the City Mall main entrance. Service was friendly and waitress was able to tell about the dishes. She even double-checked from me if I like spicy food after she saw my choice on the list.


Singapore Noodles(54 riyals, which is about 11 euros) included chicken and prawns with noodles. Very good but spicy! Only a medium spicy according the menu but I have to admit that my mouth was on fire. But in a good way! I like spicy food. There was much to eat on the plate so it was actually a good thing that I didn’t take any starter.

Singapore noodles

To calm down the fire I had to order some ice-cream for dessert. Vanilla ice-cream with chocolad sauce. And of cource with espresso. So delicious!



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