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Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain 2013, Part 2

Restaurant Xaloc

Xaloc (Carrer de la Palla 13) in the Barri Gotic was closest to fine dining even though it was  a Tapas bar. It became our favorite dinnerplace in Barcelona. It  was situated in the middle of the beautiful old town and It looked very tempting from outside. There were big windows, so you could see all the Iberian hams hanging at the wall and a very nice wine bar area.


Because we had eaten Tapa´s in the afternoon, we were not so hungry so we skipped the entrees. Our main courses were Entrecote de Buey (13€) and Salmon Plancha (11€). Those portions were delicious!


Entercotee was done very well. It didn´t look anything special but taste  and quality of the meat was excellent.


The salmon with asparagus was delicious with a creme tasted with lime.

We were a bit sorry that we had eaten so big lunch that we didn´t get any desserts.  The main portions let us presume that desserts could have been very tasteful: ) But like always in Spain, the espressos were very good.

The atmosphere at the restaurant was very nice! Restaurant was fully booked almost every night. We recommend this restaurant if you are visiting Barcelona.


Restaurant El Portalon


Restauran El Portalon we found next evening by accident but when we saw it, we really wanted to try it. It looked so nice with handwritten menus outside. Restaurant was  full of people enjoying their meals and having some wine with friends. The prices were very reasonable and they had this special offer for Paella. Once you are in Spain you have to have Paella at some point.

But first we wanted to enjoy the atmosphere! We ordered glasses of white wine and as a complimentary we got some excellent olives on the side.


We ordered Paella (2×15€) for two and some house white wine. Once we got our meals we were a bit surpised. It looked almost like risotto and consistency was like in risotto. But taste was good and lemon on the side gave the dish nice extra. A bit different experience of Paella this time.

Paella for two

For the dessert it was time for Crema Catalania. It looked so delicious! Taste was ok, but a bit disappointed because egg tasted too much and it wasn´t so sweet as we were hoping for.

Crema catalania

But overall it was very nice experience and we really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Wine barrels

Pinchos-“Tapas related small snacks”

For the final evening in Barcelona we wanted to try something traditional from the Catalonian kitchen. There were lots of small restaurants that served pinchos. There can be many kind of pinchos. It consists different kind of stuffings fastened with toothpick to the breadslice. It looks small but when you eat them it can be very filling.


Overall the Catalonian kitchen can serve you all kinds of treats. We recommend!

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