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Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain 2013, Part 1

We just came home from Barcelona. What a nice city and what a great variety of restaurants! We have propably gained some more weight during the week in Barcelona!

Food paradise

We want to introduce you briefly a few restaurants that we visited. There were so many restaurants that we divided postings in two parts. Here comes the first one.

Restaurant B Lounge

After we had arrived at Barcelona we found a nice restaurant near our hotel. Restaurant B Lounge is actually a restaurant of Hotel Barcelo Raval. It can be found from the address Rambla del Raval 17-21. We didn’t stay in that hotel but quite near.


First night in Barcelona required of course a Tapas selection with glasses of Sangria (9€ per glass).

  • Patatas Bravas (5,90€) were warm potatoes served nicely with a spicy sauce.
  • Alitas Crujiente (7,20€) included fried chicken wings. The sauce with the chicken was not as spicy as we thought it would be based on the menu. But in overall taste was good.
  • White bread with tomatoes and olive oil is always good. It was called Pan Tomate (3,80€).
  • Mixto Crujiente (4,80€) meant toast with ham and cheese. This was a bit dissapointment that it really was just toast.

We shared those four tapas and it was almost more than enough for two persons.


Service was friendly and in overall we enjoyed the evening. It was so wonderful to sit outside at the terrace and enjoy the warm night.


Taverna del Bisbe is located in the old town of Barcelona, right next to a Cathedral Cótic. It seemed to be a popular restaurant even on a Monday evening. Terrace outside of the restaurant was reserved to customers who wanted to eat and people who wanted just to drink something were guided to have a seat inside of the restaurant.

Reastaurant from the terrace

As a starter we had just olives (3,54€) and tomato bread (1,98€). It was very basic, nothing special but tasted good with wine.


As a main course we had a Entrecotee (21,50€). On the side there were few fried potatoes and some green peppers. The entrecotee was good but all the other ingredients on the plate were lacking some taste.


The other main course was Pasta Bolognese (10,20€). Taste was ok, but pasta was overcooked.

Pasta bolognese

Desserts were disappointment. We had high expectations for Crema Catalana (4,74€) and Tarte Tatin (5,40€). However Creama Catalana´s texture was grainy and it tasted more eggs than sweet. Tarte Tatin´s appearance showed that it surely came from freezer and microwave.

creme brulee tarte tatin

This was the most expensive restaurant where we visited during the week. Expectations were very high according the location and the menu of the restaurant. Unfortunately dining experience was letdown based on the food and service of the staff (that was kind of rough). That’s a pity because the interior was so nice and we enjoyed sitting outside at the terrace in the warm evening.


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