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Restaurant Flada13, Helsinki Finland 2013

Summer break in our blog is over and we are back in business!
Few feeks ago we found a nice bistro in Helsinki. Thanks to Groupon which promoted a special offer to Flada13. The restaurant is located in Helsinki city centre, Kalevankatu 13. It serves breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch and á la carte portions. We went there on Tuesday evening with table reservation and we were surprised how full the restaurant was at that time. People who came in without a table reservations had to turn back from the door. We enjoyed a glass of Cava while reading the menu.



As a starter we both took a soup which was made of black salsify (8,50€). Very, very good choise. It was soup of the day and waiter ‘s recommendation. The output of the soup was beautiful and it was served warm enough.


As a main courses we had Sirloin steak (22€) and Arctic char (20€). They both were good. Sirloin steak was served with madeira sauce, potato fondant and sweet onions. Combination was smart and nicely served. There was nothing wrong with the portion.

Sirloin steak

The arctic char was well made. It had just right amount of salt! The portion looked nice and there were actually two good sized pieces of the fish on the plate. Served with fried potatoes, beetroot and special butter which was flavoured with nuts.

Arctic char

The evening ended with desserts and espressos. Rasberry-blueberry pie with vanilla sauce (7€) was simply delicious! Home-made pie with fresh berries. It was very simple but good.


Ice-cream was a basic vanilla ice-cream with berry sauce (6,80€). Just enough after good fulfilling meal.


The interior of the restaurant looked nice and cozy. We liked polite service and the overall flow of the evening. We didn’t have to wait for the meals too long but still we had enouhg time to enjoy the wine and atmosphere. The restaurant had also nice area for bigger groups.

interior               interior

Flada13 has a seasonal menu and they prefer fresh Finnish ingredients. We will come back some time to taste another menu. It can´t be bad based on this visit!


4-stars visit.

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