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Restaurant O Portao, Funchal Madeira 2013


Guys, if you come to Funchal, don’t miss this restaurant. It has a Certificate of Excellence (2013) in TripAdvisor. For a good reason! There is everything in a right track, the food, the service and the atmosphere. O Portao is a small restaurant located in the end of old town. We got a nice table in the terrace but there would have been tables also inside the restaurant.


When we were thinking the wine, the waiter told us briefly about the local wines. We chose very dry red wine from Douro area. Waiter also asked if we would like to have some home made garlic bread as a starter. He showed us the price from the menu so that we would be aware that it was not complimentary. We had to taste the garlic bread because on TripAdvisor it was mentioned several times as a best in Funchal. In our mind it was good but not the best in Funchal. This one was drier than traditional garlic bread in Madeira.

  Red wine     Garlic bread

The food was very good! At this restaurant the meat skewer was medium as we asked it to be and it was served with a delicious sauce. Quality of the meat was excellent and wine suited very well with it. On the side there were polenta and vegetables.

Skewer            Portion            Sauce

Chicken with mushrooms was served with tasty cream sauce and rice, including some vegetables. It was a nice surprise that chicken was not traditional filet. The sauce was thick thus filling the stomach quickly, but it was so good that we ate it all!


As a dessert we chose chocolate mousse which had to be home made! The dessert didn’t look as good as it tasted. It was rich and soft.


We ordered bottle of red wine, water, garlic bread, main cources, dessert and espressos. Our bill was only 47,75€. Compared to the other restaurants in the neighbourhood this really was reasonable price. And we were happy to pay it because of the delicious food and nice service. At the end we got complimentary brandy and liqueur. Perfect end to our holiday in Funchal!


3,5-stars visit.

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