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Restaurant O Celeiro, Funchal Madeira 2013

Restaurant O Celeiro near the Marina shopping centre is specialised in Portugese cuisine and Madeira Specialities.
We ended up to a restaurant by accident. We were not very hungry, we were looking for just something small and light to eat but on our way to Old Town we stopped by to discuss with the older gentleman outside of the restaurant. He convinced us that his restaurant is so good that people come there again. Secret of the food is that they don’t use any ready-made pieces. Instead they prepare food from the beginning at their kitchen.


There weren’t any nice tables available in the terrace so we got a table inside of the restaurant. We got small glasses of Madeira wine as a complimentary. All the other customers seemed to be old couples. We have to admit that this was not our kind of restaurant. It was too quiet and too old fashioned. We were able to hear a clock ticking and we felt that we have to whisper to each other. But the other customers seemed to enjoy the atmosphere.



The gentleman outside was right. Food was good. Tuna steak (14,75€) had lovely sauce including mushrooms and onions and Grilled sword fish (16,75€) had nice grilled taste. On the side they served cooked spinach and vegetables. Delicious with a glass of house white wine. The taste of the food was fresh and light. This was a nice change after a restaurants were we had got thick creamy sauces and french fries.



We were not supposed to take any dessert but when the waiter told that they have home made Creme caramel pudding (3,50€) we couldn’t resist it! It was the best pudding we had got during our Madeira visit! So soft and creamy that it melted into mouth.


Staff were nice and friendly but they were extremely busy. They took some runner’s steps on the way to the kitchen and everything they did, they did very fast.
After all this was most expensive restaurant were we have been eating here in Madeira during last two weeks. And one thing that happens at many restaurants here in Funchal happend also in this restaurant. They brought a bread to a table without asking would we like to have some bread. They made it to look like complimentary bread but when the bill came, there it was: “2 covert 3,40€”.


Will we come back? -Well, this was not our kind of restaurant so maybe not. Even though food was good.

3-stars visit.


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