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Hanko Sushi, Vantaa Finland 2013

We had a wonderful sunny day in Helsinki today. For some reason sunny day wakes up the desire to eat some lighter food for the dinner. Usually it is fresh salad but today we wanted to eat something else. And because this morning we had cleaned our home from the floor to the roof, we wanted to eat at home. Solution for the day was Take Away Sushi.

Hanko Sushi

Hanko sushi is the biggest sushi restaurant chain in Finland. The first Hanko sushi was established in the Finnish city called Hanko. Hanko is also a japanese word which means “personal rubber stamp”. Today we went to the restaurant in Jumbo shopping mall in Vantaa.

Eating area                  Inside

We chose two portions called Small sushi plate (13€) and  one Gunkan spicy crab (6€) from the menu. Gunkan spicy crab was not as spicy as we thought it would be. Taste was still good. Small portion was actually not very small. It included 10 pieces of sushi.

Take away


We like Hanko sushi because there the sushi is always fresh and quality is good. They prepare sushi after it is ordered but still we have always got meals fast enough.

Good and healthy!


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