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Restaurant Java Bar & Bistro, Helsinki Finland 2013

What a lazy Sunday! Week was so busy that we wanted to relax on Sunday and not to cook at home. We went to Helsinki city central to see if there would be some nice restaurant where we haven’t visited before. We walked around for a while and finally we ended up to a restaurant in Lasipalatsi. Java Bar & Bistro locates in two floors at the corner of Lasipalatsi.


the viewWe found a perfect table upstairs next to a window. It was fun to see people coming and going at the main street of Helsinki and at the same time enjoy a comfortable restaurant with modern backround music. We were not the only ones at the restaurant. It wasn’t full but there were a lot of people having Sunday lunch. Probably it is the location that attempts tourists into the restaurant. For the local people we noticed that the restaurant have special offers at weekdays during the lunch hour. This restaurant is not just for lunch, it is open until late night. The view is very nice for a late night drink as well. We could come to this restaurant again for example some Saturday night to enjoy the great view, pizza and some good red wine.


It was Pizza time! On the menu Java Bar & Bistro has few soups and salads and different kind of pastas and pizzas. Our selection was pizza Bolognese (12,90€) and pizza Diavola (14,40€). Delicious choice! Pictures can tell you more than 100 words about the food.

Bolognese  Diavola

Espressos for dessert, as usual: )


2,5-stars visit.


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