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Restaurant Vapiano, Helsinki Finland 2013

EntranceSaturday lunch at Vapiano in Mikonkatu 15. It is well known chain around the world and opened the restaurant in Helsinki couple of years ago. Our first visit to Vapiano was in Tallinn, Estonia few year´s back. We liked it right away:) Vapiano’s concept is interesting.  When you enter a restaurant you get a card which can be used at different stands where the food is ordered. Food is made in front of you. There are pizza, pasta and salad lines and a bar which serves desserts as well. Everything you order from stands are registered to your card. When you leave the restaurant you are charged according the card.

Inside the restaurant

We went to salad line and ordered Small Insalata Mista (5,0€) with extra double beef (5,60€) and Insalata Caesare (9,0€) with extra king prawns (3,0€).

Insalata Mista

Insalata Mista was excellent. It is quite a basic salad with tomatoes and carrot but fresh mustard-rucola sauce and small bites of fresh red chili, garlic and rosmarin gave very nice touch to it! Quality of the beef was good and salad was served with fresh white bread. Actually this was one of the best salads we have eaten for a while.

Insalata Caesare

Insalata Caesare was large but it didn’t include anything special. It was like any other Caesare salad with croutons and Parmesan cheese. Sauce was traditional caesar sauce with nothing special. But quality of incredients was good and king prawns were very tasty because of the spices. When we orderd our dishes it was nice to see how the chef roasted the beef and king prawns in front of us. We got the food when it was still steaming.

the cook

Restaurant is nice and taste of food is good because of  fresh ingredients they use, but staying in the line at the food stand doens’t work smoothly. Chefs are taking orders and people who are waiting for their dishes make the stand crowded. When we got our dishes it was difficult to find a way out from the stand because there were so much people waiting on the lines. Eventually we ended up to the upstairs where we luckily found a nice table.

At the end we went to the bar and ordered espressos (2,0€ ). They had delicious looking desserts on the vitrine, but this time we were happy with just espressos. We love the Saturdays in Helsinki and visiting Vapiano today gave us nice weekend feeling. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!



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