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Restaurant Hard Rock Cafe, Helsinki Finland 2013

Time really flies. We haven’t updated our blog for over a month. Life is so busy nowadays! But today we had something to celebrate! K had his birthday today so we went to Hard Rock Cafe for a birthday dinner. Hard Rock Cafe was opened in Helsinki in October 2012. Location is excellent, just opposite of Stockmann department store.


We didn’t have a table reservation. We went to the restaurant before 7pm and signed up to the waiting list. We got a device with us to the bar and after half an hour the device informed us that there is a table available for us. Waiting at the bar was not bad at all. We took Brooklyn beers and enjoyed the atmosphere. The bar was full of people and many of them were tourists which gave an international feeling for the evening.
At the table everything happend very fast. They gave us Menus and shortly we had given our order. We selected S.O.B burger with chicken and Texan sandwich. It was a surprise that food came so quickly because the restaurant was full of people and we thought that were a lot of tables waiting for a dishes prior to us.

S.O.B Burger

Pulled Pork

Food was good! We can’t complain about the quality or a size of the dishes. A guacamole which was served with a S.O.B burger included a real bites of avocado and gave a fresh taste to the burger.
The Texan sandwich included many different tastes! It included a couple of spicy and sweet side sauces and lot of pulled hickory-smoked pork. In overall food was just as it is supposed to be in Hard Rock Cafe but it wasn´t a culinaristic experience.

From the dessert menu we selected “Bites” which were a bit smaller portions than real desserts. Creme brulee was amazing! So soft and sweet with perfect texture. Same thing cannot be said from the Cheese cake. The taste was more salty than sweet and texture was very grainy.

Creme Brulee  Strawberry cheesecake

Food was good but service was too fast. Right before we had finished the main course they gave us dessert menu and very soon we had our desserts at the table. We ordered espressos with desserts and it was a bit dissapointment that we got those before the desserts.
Service was friendly but it was so fast that we got a feeling that they wanted us out quickly so that they could give our table to next guests.

Best thing at this restaurant was the feeling and good music. It is always nice to eat at the restaurant which is full of guests,  smiling and laughing guests! We felt like being in the restaurant in middle of Manhattan:)


3,5-stars visit.


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