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Restaurant Kiila, Helsinki Finland 2013

Kiila EntranceYesterday evening our original plan was to have dinner in Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki but we forgot to make a table reservation. We visited at the door of Hard Rock Cafe just to see that it was fully booked. Luckily restaurant Kiila was near and they were able to give us a table even though they were quite busy as well.

Inside Kiila

The nicest thing at Kiila is its wide space and the way how they have arranged tables. We didn’t get the feeling that we are too close to other customers. Big windows that open up to the heart of Helsinki are great! The image of the Kiila is youthful and it was nice to see that it suits well for customers of all ages. There were groups of young adults having “girls night” and other “get togethers” but also older couples and a few groups who seemed to be colleagues having after work. Kiila is open from early morning till the late night. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. They provide complimentary Wi-Fi to customers.

Kiila’s Menu includes salads, different kind of sandwidches, pastas and steaks. There were only a few options of each so it was quite easy to decide what to take. We shared a “Kestilautanen” as a starter. It was a plate full of different small items (12€). It looked good and it surely tasted good.


As a main course we had Scampipasta (15,90€) and Tenderloin (26,50€).

PastaScampipasta was based on hot and spicy tomato sauce. Chili gave it a nice twist but on the other hand it covered the taste of other spicies. Size of the plate was nice and there were plenty of scampis on the pasta. Glass of house wine (Zonnebloem sauvignon blanc) put final touch to the dinner.


Tenderloin came to the table with medium roast as we ordered it. There were cream potatoes under the beef and on the side roasted vegetables and red wine sauce.  With Tenderloin a glass of house wine which was Zonnebloem shiraz. So good combination: Tenderloin and red wine.

After these good warm meals it would have been foolish to skip the desserts. We decided to taste Creme Brulee (8€) and Blueberry pie (8€). We had to wait for them quite a while but nice and friendly waitress came to tell us that they have some problem in the kitchen which causes delay. She gave us espressos on the house for that.

Blueberry pie       Creme Brulee

We had delicious Friday evening in Restaurant Kiila. As they say at the Kiila on their menu: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”.

4-stars visit.


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