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Restaurant Ju Fu, Vantaa Finland 2013

This morning here in Helsinki outside temperature was -29 celcius degrees (-20 fahrenheits)! We had planned to go out for a dinner this evening but our plan included a bus drive to Helsinki city center. Waiting for a bus at this weather did not sound so attempting anymore… We had to take plan B into use. We took a car instead of bus and went to a restaurant in the neighbourhood instead of a restaurant in the city center.
Restaurant Ju Fu is a nice chinese restaurant in Vantaa. We have eaten there many times. They have chinese, thai food and sushi on the menu.

Rice    Ju Fu     Tsingtao beer

Because of the freezing weather we needed something hot and spicy! We skipped the starters and ordered Sizzling beef (12,00€) and Salmon in chili sauce (14,50€).


Very good choice! Sometimes when eating at restaurant we haven’t been happy for our own choices and we have ended up in a situation where we are jealous of other customer’s dishes 🙂 But not this time! Our dishes looked nice, there were plenty of food to eat and taste was good. Vegetables were fresh and crunchy. Salmon was maybe a little bit too salty. We liked the way it was served: on a plate that had candle underneath. It kept the food warm.
As a dessert we took deep-fried pineapples and bananas with ice-cream (5,50€).

Dessert     the bill

3-stars visit.


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