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Restaurant Manhattan Steak House, Helsinki Finland 2012

We love New York and this Friday we wanted to feel a small piece of it. That’s why our choice was Manhattan Steak House. It is located close to Esplanade park (Eteläesplanadi 24). We went there without table reservation right after work and we managed to get a table though the restaurant was a bit crowded. Christmas is coming so they had some decoration and Christmas drink “Glögi” was available on the menu. We have eaten in this restaurant before so we knew that quality of steaks is good. Surprisingly they don’t have web pages yet. They have restaurants also in Lahti and Tampere.

This is the restaurant where group of friends can easily come and enjoy the evening. Decoration is quite basic and restaurant in overall quite noisy so it doesn’t provide right kind of frame for a romantic evening. Music in the restaurant was to today very New York style. We liked it! Complimentary  bread was brought to our table so we skipped the starters.

As a main course we selected House Pork (14,90€) and Chicken Breast (15,90€). With chicken it was possible to select between several sauces. Our choice was cream sauce with peppers. The pork came with two kind of seasoned butters. With pork we chose jacked potato and with chicken our choice was potato wedges. In Manhattan Steak House the size of portions is nothing compared to real New York steak restaurants, but still big enough and taste was good!


Service was friendly and we didn’t have to wait too long for our dinner. It was served out hot straight from the kitchen and output was nice. Cold beer suited well with this kind of food. We should have checked if there were any imported US beers on the menu like Brooklyn. By the way Brooklyn beer is good! We learnt that from our US friend.

In New York style restaurant it is almost a must to take NY Cheesecake (7,90€) for a dessert! And because we love coffee, Espresso (2,90€) and French Coffee (8,00€) were mandatory for us 🙂

This is the closest to New York we could get at this time of year without any extra holidays 🙂

3-stars visit.


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