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Restaurant Tomo Izakaya, Singapore 2011

Clarke Quay in Singapore hosts many restaurants and night clubs. It is located next to Singapore river. Clarke Quay is absolutely a place to go for a dinner when visiting in Singapore! There we found a nice Japanese restaurant Tomo Izakaya. From all the nice restaurants in Clarke Quay we selected the Tomo Izakaya because of its stylish terrace and nice view. It is the place where people seem to spend a whole evening. Next to our table were a group of businessmen and -women who ordered small portions one after another. They had breaks and then they ordered some more. What could be better way to spend an evening than sitting in a terrace with good food and good company and of course wonderful river view.

It took some time to decide what to select from the menu. As a starter we took Kappa maki / temaki. The portion was beautiful and waked up our appertize. Because we were in the Japanese restaurant we ordered of course Sapporo beer. As a main course we took Saikoro steak. It was grilled diced beef with sweet soya sauce and sliced dried garlic. Delicious!

Kappa maki

Saikoro steak

When remembering this restaurant afterwards the main thing is not the food. It was good and exactly the kind of food that could be expected in Japanese restaurant. After all positive experience.

3-stars visit.


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