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Restaurant CRU, Tallinn Estonia 2012

Restaurant Cru in Tallinn old town belongs to the hotel Cru. Location is excellent. Short distance to everywhere, no matter if you want to go to central of Tallinn or to be in the old town. Old town has its own traditional touch which can be seen in the Cru restaurant as well. Beautiful decoration and on the other hand great international feel.


Service was friendly. Waitress told us about the menu, ingredients and also about wines. The restaurant represents fine dining style and has quite a brief menu. However we found satisfying dishes for us: Seasonal fish (arctic char), served with saffron mashed potatoes and beef sirloin, served with vegetables.

Dishes looked excellent but it was a disappointment to realize that they were only a bit warm, not as hot as they supposed to be if they come directly from kitchen. It would have been understandable if the restaurant would have been busy, but no, there were only a few customers at that time. Taste of food was good but left a feeling that some spice is missing.

Dessert was Brulee and that was excellent! Taste was so perfect that it easily rises to top 5 of the desserts we have ever eaten. It was soft and hint of rhubarb could be recognized. Like heaven on earth!

3,5 stars visit.


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