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Restaurant Baker’s, Helsinki Finland 2012

Restaurant Baker’s is one of the oldest restaurants in Helsinki. It has been in its current location at Mannerheimintie 12 since 1915.  Cafe bar can be found from downstairs and dining facilities from upstairs.We had dinner on Saturday and we made a table reservation one day earlier. Atmosphere at the restaurant was nice and cozy. Even though decoration seemed to be a littlebit old fashion style it suited the restaurant well when considering its historical point of view.


It was 7:30pm on Saturday and there were still empty tables but it started to fill with tourists from eg.Japan, Russia and Denmark. We noticed that waiters served customers with fluent English.

Menu followed the same style as decoration and atmosphere of the restaurant. You know what you get when you enter to a steak restaurant that has long time traditions. Pepper steak, entrecote, ribs… and so on.

It was nice surprise to find organically produced red wine from the wine menu. We chose Quintus Indomita from Chile. Price was reasonable 36,20€ per bottle. We were quite happy with our choise even though we are not wine experts:) Taste suited well with our main course.

As a starter we tasted Snails with Gorgonzola flavoured garlic butter. It was so good! Bread buffet was included to every dinner so in addition to Snails we tasted couple of different breads with olive oil, balsamico and a special kind of butter.


As a main course we chose Baker’s ribs for two. Timing was good, we didn’t have to wait too long however we had time enough to enjoy our starters. When we saw the waiter bringing our ribs we thought that we had ordered ribs for four, the portion was so huge! Grilled ribs with sesame-BBQ sauce, coleslaw, mayonnaice and French fries. Taste was excellent if you like sweet and not so spicy food. There was a lot of meet on top of the bones.

French fries on the side

As a dessert we had espressos and scoop of pistachio ice cream. It was a good choice! Refreshing end for the good but quite heavy dinner.

Service was friendly and nice but we noticed that staff were busy. We were not even finished the main course when the waiter came to ask if we could take the last ribs from the serving tray to our own plates. We didn’t quite understand the reason why. Maybe they needed the tray in the kitchen for the next customer.
In overall the restaurant was good and we will definitely go there again.

4-stars visit.


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